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Pandemic of Death

Infection is a bit more interesting to the zombie genre when the disease comes from a new disease. But it still belongs to the genre of simple zombie movies. Starting with two highly addicted drug addicts, one of them becomes infected and cannot control his rage and tear his friend to pieces. It's one of the most gruesome scenes, and Infection is the bloody option for fans of horror movies.

There are some problems that the Fmoviesencountered. The story surrounding a larger cast than necessary and sometimes a little redundant. The story of many people is easily distracting and really for the Great Disaster (Infection) to be more appreciated, Pedota should focus on letting viewers see what happened to Blanca, you have to wonder why Adam make some difficult choices with her death.

Rubén Guevara is a strong actor and has a powerful acting. His character, Adam, is a very manly and special man. Our company doesn't know too much about him other than that he lost his wife and despair to reunite with his son. That's the director's lack of focus when he spends a lot of time focusing on other characters.

This zombie movie is really nothing too surprising. The chases and special effects are impressive, but the audience easily guesses what will happen next. With so many zombie movies now in production, Infection really needs to do something to stand out. Sadly, it easily becomes the kind of movie that you have regretted after watching, entertaining and a bit of family sentiment, the audience should consider carefully before going to see

Pandemic Death began in theaters from November 1, 2019

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Flavio Pedota's sci-fi thriller, Infection, is highly rated at the Raindance Film Festival.

Doctor Adam Vargas (Rubén Guevara) sends son Miguel (Luca de Lima) to stay with them for a week after the death of his wife ah Blanca (Johanna Juliethe). Concern for the young son Miguel, which has been in possession since Blanca's death, Adam hesitated after letting his son go and his fear grew when an infectious disease epidemic struck. across the country turning people into zombies-like creatures.

With the help of neighbor Johnny (Leonidas Urbina), Adam sets out to rescue his son when everything around falls into chaos.

Flavio Pedota's Infection is the first zombie film to be filmed in Venezuela. Using the chaotic context of the country to emphasize, Pedotamong wants to talk about Vezezuela society in its current situation, with an outbreak of infections that are similar to the current political and social instability. disaster for this country.

In Caracas, a Russian affected by the drug Krokodil became infected with rabies virus and released an epidemic that turned the human body into a carnivore.